God is an Artist

Svitlana Levchenko says: Creativity is the natural order of life.
There is an invisible, inexhaustible creative force, which is the basis of life, which permeates and inspires everyone and everything, including us. Someone calls it God.
You can feel it when the light reflects from the window of the building and illuminates a single flower on a flowerbed, when shadows of the trees are moving on the beach sand, when rust covers an iron pillar, making it mysterious, when the wind picks up cherry flower petals from the ground and carries them into the sky. Art surrounds us every minute.
With this book, I want to prove that God / the Universe, whatever, is an artist. For this purpose I took pictures of everything that had response in my heart. Then I boiled, burnt the films, used unconventional materials for printing, splashed photographs with acid etc... I did it to give the Universe an opportunity to express itself. While working on my book I was just a transmitter, just hands, trying not to interfere into the course of events.

The paper of this book will change its color with the time, the intensity of the change depends on the amount of sunlight that falls on the book. You can leave a leaf or some other stuff on the page of the book and leave it under the sun, over time you will get an imprint from God on the page. In addition, there is a photo printed at unexposed paper in every book and it will change its appearance too. So, every owner will have an unique book in a month.

Edition of 100 copies, numbered, signed (multilanguage)
Size: 15x22.5 cm
186 pages

ISBN 978-966-97673-4-9

Price 45€

Short list:
28th Festival Month of Photography in Bratislava nominated as Book Award for Central and Eastern Europe (best photographic books for the last two years (2017, 2018)/ in history and in contemporary art.)