I've always been partial to the messages on the walls. Written by people I’m not acquainted with and addressed to people whom I don’t know as well. But these inscriptions carry so much passion, naivety, and sincerity ... certainly more than in many of love SMS! Last letters of words that go down just because there is no enough space on the fence... grammatical errors, trivial language – it's so cute, so honest. These messages can not be just an emotional impulse, this is a balanced decision. The author wanted to be heard! 

When I realized this, the "Message" project was born. The postcard format gives official status to the message, embedded by an unknown author in the letters on the fence, puts in a row with the "tourist views" and classic plots of postal items. Active use of this form for the purpose will allow the message to acquire new meanings, and people will return to the forgotten culture of offline communication.- Svitlana Levchenko


** Graffiti art in post soviet countries is different than anywhere in the world. Mostly it is not an illustration. It's a phrase, thinking, call for action, message... Inspired Svitlana collected a set of postcards.


** Every card has a translation to English.


Size: 15 x 11 cm
Set of 50 cards

Price 30€